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To create a survey of your precious gems, simply upload your Gemfile and share the link with your community. The more Gemfiles you raise, the more accurate your survey will be.

Safe & Anonymous

Private gems won't be tracked by our system. We only collect information about public gems found in your Gemfile. We don't store your files on any third party services. We'll never provide access to a member gemfile. All your gems stay private.

Crystalline Charts

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See quickly which gems are the most used per category. Compare yourself to the other members. An easy way to find out if you're using the most popular gem in your community.

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Get details about each gem and know exactly how many of your members are using them compared to the overall Ruby community. Plus, get a quick access to their Github repository.

Outsider gems

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Find out which gems a pretty famous on Github but only used by a small bunch of nerdies from your community.

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